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Energy Regeneration
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The Energy Regeneration System (EGS) applies different technologies for the extraction of energy, that is to harness thermal and kinetic energies that are produced by air drag and shock waves of fast-moving vehicle to transform energy into another manifestation. Then this regained energy is directed accordingly to the needs of other consuming systems by a Directional Energy Transfer System (DETS).

MagnetoHydroDynamic (MHD)
In the case of a hypersonic aerospaceplane by harnessing the thermal energy to generate electric energy the effectiveness of a related MHD generator is around 17-20% of the always existing heat load. But due to the fact that this heat load is highly destructive and the vehicle has to be shielded against this heat anyway, the generated electric energy has to be declared as regained ("free") energy. The same holds for harnessing the kinetic energy of shock waves.
At the end the net result of this system effectiveness optimization should be expected of being in the range of 15-20% regained energy.

Regenerative Plasma Compressor

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