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The X-3³/Drake, also known as Dragon X™, is one of our future hi- ghly progressive spaceship concepts. A special feature of this design is our pioneering Multimode Plasma™ Engine (MPE), that does not need a vacuum for operation and accelerates the first version of the spaceship to a maximal velocity of around 60 kilometers per second (216,000 km/h/134,216 MPH). With such a performance the duration for a travel from Earth to Moon will be less than 3 hours and from Earth to Mars will take 11 days without the traditional stop at the Moon Rock Cafe. But with our MPE 300 the travel time from Earth to Moon will be shorten to under 45 Minutes and travelling from Earth to Mars will take around 2 ½ days under the same conditions if the distance is only 55.7 million kilometers.

Models and Versions
Three different models for the spaceship X-3³ are the result of a many years lasting research, development and selection phase and are constituting the Drake class: The larger spacecarrack Santa María, nicknamed Gallega (the Galician), and the two smaller space- caravels Pinta (the Painted) and Santa Clara, nicknamed Niña.


SOS X-3³ Drake Class Spacecarrack Santa María, Spacecaravels Pinta and Santa Clara


  • Design exterior: Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Style of Speed
  • Engine: 2× Multimode Plasma™ Engine
  • Vmax (MPE 60): Mach 32+ in atmosphere at 64,000 m/210,000 ft
  • Vmax (MPE 60): Mach 203+ (60 km/s/216,000 km/h/134,216 MPH) in vacuum
  • Vmax (MPE 300): Mach 32+ in atmosphere at 64,000 m/210,000 ft at least; the exact maximal velocity can't be specified actually
  • Vmax (MPE 300): Mach 1016.9+ (300 kilometers per second/ 1,080,000 km/h/671,080 MPH) in vacuum
  • Service ceiling: Solar system

    Further Informations
    The first spaceship versions will have our revolutionary Multimode Plasma™ Engine MPE 60, while the subsequent spaceship versions will feature our upgraded engines. Actually, the conceptual work and the research on the first spaceship versions and their engine have been finished, and their development and design started, while we are already conducting research and development for the latests engine versions, the MPE 120, MPE 180 and MPE 300, and research for the newest version, the MPE 360.
    The first tests could be started in around 5 years.

    The Dragon X™ spaceship series comprises also our Spacecrafter™/ Space Dragon™ with its Space Dragon Lab™ (SDL).

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