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Style of Speed is the division of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH that is concerned with the manufacturing of exclusive vehicles for land, air, space, and water.
To realize our products we have developed worldwide unique and uncomparable visions, strategies, as well as high-technologies and designs.

Defining the Standard of Style and Speed
One of the best example for these is our Chassis Module System™:

  • From a technological point of view it is a chassis system that is ahead of its time.
  • But that's not all. The Chassis Module Systeme also was developed to let the many groundbreaking and breathtaking design concepts come to life. By defining a standardized basis, designers now get the possibility to put on their works and realize drive- and sellable cars.
  • Furthermore it gives designers, engineers, and customers the options for individual creations and customizations far far far beyond the abilities of the automotive industry. It's like playing with bricks or dressing.
  • Another feature of our solution is that even different kinds of hightech materials, like different kinds of alloys, plastics or carbon fibre reinforced materials, can be used for further opti- mization of weight and rigidity.
  • And last but not least, taking all points together it defines and establishs the standard of a new economy model for the pro- duction of automobiles. You don't need to buy a whole auto- mobile from one company anymore.

Green-Tech Competence
Other outstanding examples are our Green Speed™ and Green Dynamics™ initiatives:

  • With our worldwide unique endeavors, we have made the pioneering and defined a before not existent Green-Tech Avantgarde™.
  • This is represented by offering to our customers a consistent portfolio of automobiles with Pure Electric™ powertrain.
  • Moreover, our innovative Clean and Green™ as well as sus- tainable high-technology developments demonstrate our Green Advantage™.
  • We have the Green Heart™.
  • Electric Cars 'R' Us™.

Active Component
With the Active Component™ technology we from Style of Speed, a division by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH, are able to deliver as one of the first companies the real integration of Artificial Intelli- gence and automotive technology. This pioneering concept is an- other superb example for our uncomparable competences and shows what is now and what will be in the future possible.

  • The High-Tech Operating System OntoLinux with the AutoSe- mantic::Car package is the knowledge and wisdom of the brain, the central control unit of all Active Components™.
  • Our Active Differential™ is without doubt the most important invention in the field of automobiles since its beginning. With two electric motors and a handful of sensors at each axle, as well as an intelligent control management system software we have integrated the classical technologies of an Electric Drive- train, a Torque Vectoring Differential, an Electronic Stability Program System, and a Brake Energy Recovering System in one system. The many ingenious features of our Active Differ- ential™ are based on the fact that it replaced Gears by Soft- ware™ while keeping all advantages of and full compatibility to best automotive engineering, which is not realizable with con- cepts based on any kind of wheel hub motors.
  • Another part of the Active Technology System is an Active Suspension that works far beyond known electronic suspension control systems by using more dimensions of movement and more informations of the other Active Components in a highly intelligent integrative way.
  • The Active Diffusor™ system progressively optimizes the aero- dynamical characteristics of a vehicle by interacting with the other Active Elements™.
  • The Active Wing™ also controls the aerodynamical character- istics of a vehicle and furthermore is used like an air brake.
  • Active Sensors™ are a new class of intelligent sensors and sensor networks to measure pressures of different kinds and to interact based on bionic approaches. In conjunction with the other Active Components™ this technology is defining the new and all following standards.
  • The Active Camera™, also named by us the Magic Eye™, is not only employed together with the Active Lights™, but with all the other Active Components™.
  • The Active Light™ concept comprises all kinds of rear and front lights, that are made out of individually activated LEDs and leading to a spectrum of new possibilities like the Emoticon Light™.
  • Even the RFID, IQRFID™, and Active RFID™ technologies are part of the whole Active System Architecture™ (ASA).

Auto Reinvented
With all of our inventions and typical Holistic Design and System™ approach we simply have become the Reinventor of the Automo- bile™. This is best represented by our invention of the Active Diff- erentials™ and its application in vehicles with highly optimized weight.

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