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Active Cameras™ are a new class of high intelligent environmental sensors. With this technology air vehicles are getting the skills of seeing like many different animals combined in one unit. And in the interplay with a brain like system powered by OntoLinux™ and the Ontologic System™ feature package Autosemantic™::Aeronautics the results are unbelievable. The Active Cameras can be installed at ideally suited positions or integrated in parts of the interior or exterior.

Based on our worldwide unique Multiray™ technology, each unit of an Active Camera™ is composed out of one or more standard wave receiving sensors capable of processing one or many different types of physical waves in realtime. This could be light waves send out by a separate laser source, acoustical waves based principals like ultra- sonic waves which are used by bats or dolphins for scanning the en- vironment to navigate or find food, as well as following another time our Multiray™ concept many different types of waves together. Moreover, the technology is deliverable as a system on a chip (SOC) integrating wave actuators/sources and sensors/receivers.

More Features
Our Active Camera based technology can be composed out of reli- ability proved standard CMOS chips which easily are integratable as one system on the customer's request and directly applicable on the industrial level. By choosing this way our solutions are more than 3 times less expensive and have more than 16 times higher effectivity than solutions based on special chips, today.
With an optional mirror the Active Camera can also work in a panora- mic/360° mode without moving.

Further Informations
For all technological questions directly contact us from Style of Speed. Together with our high quality delivering subcontractors we are able to develop your custom solutions and realize large-batch productions just in time.

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