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Nearly a decade ago, we from Style of Speed asked ourself what modern aircrafts have to be and must have. With our highly pione- ering and trailblazing Active Components™ we are extremely pleased to present an Airway Leading™ system as the answer. The modular system is comprising active, adaptive, and self-organizing units with foundational features and functions, ultra high performance, out- standing speed, and eye catching style. The most remarkable char- acteristics of the Active Component™ system are the inspired by biology designs (bionics/biomimetics), integrated intelligent controls, compact dimensions, lightweight architectures, and groundbreaking functionality for creating much greater and more complex integrated active systems out of the single Active Elements™ than competitiors are able to deliver.

  Active Fuel Cell
Active Fuel Cells™ integrate fuel cells and tanks in different kinds of looped systems.
  Active Sensor
Active Sensor™ is the technology that lets interplay sensors for measurement parameters of every kind with our other Active Components™.
  Active Camera
As an Active Sensor™ Active Cam™ is an visual sensor that can interplay with our other Active Components™.
  Active Actuator
Active Actuator™ is a technology that lets interplay actuators for motions of every kind within our Active Components™ system.
  Active Motor
Style of Speed develops and delivers electric Active Motors™ in a wide power output range and an interchange framework.
  Active Rotor
The Active Rotor™ technology is a revolutinonary realization of a well known concept to drastically enhance the performance and agility of aeronautical vehicles.
  Active Exterior
The Active Exterior™ technology transforms fans, wings, and bodies into artificial life.
  Active Wing
The Active Wing™ technology comprises established and new con- cepts like actively or manually adjustable wings.
  Active Interior
The Active Interior™ technology brings pilot's cockpits and passen- ger's cabins to life.
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