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Active Interior

The Active Interior™ technology brings the pilot's cockpit and pas- senger's cabin to life.

Active Interior for Pilots
Active Sensors hidden within the dashboard make reactions by the sweep of the pilots' hand as it is passed over them. With Active Actuators for example the previously hidden handles, information, and navigation systems, as well as other parts of the cockpit are outwarded and moved to the ideal positions.

Active Interior for Passengers
By integrating Active Sensors within the seats, passengers' can by the sweeps of their hands move out and position after their desire for example screens of entertainment and information systems. But also other elements of the cabin like sun visors at the windows are automatable with hidden Active Actuators.

It is natural that for such high technologies often further questions exist. In these cases try to get in touch directly with us from Style of Speed. Together we sort out the many possibilities of design, application, and technological realization until we have found the best fitting solution for you.

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