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Black Snow

The Black Snow™ is our series of Hot Rods, which are enhanced by high-technology from this century. Its name Black Snow is the nick- name of carbon nanotubes, which is the material that actually has the strongest and stiffest tensile strength and elasticity, and refers to the exterior fully made out of our Fine Carbon™ fibre.
Like all of our Modern Hot Rods (Mod Rod), the Black Snow Hot Rods will be build up on our Mod Rod Chassis System as well.

Defintion of a New Typ
With the Black Snow we also have succeeded in the definition of a new typ of Hod Rod, Race (Track) Rod, which was thought by all experts in this field to be not achievable anymore.
Once again we from Style of Speed have written history.


Black Snow '32 3 Window Coupé .Com
Black Snow '32 3 Window Coupé .Com
Black Snow '32 3 Window Coupé Lamborghini Countach Rims
Black Snow '32 3 Window Coupé Flying Aces
Black Snow '32 3 Window Coupé Flying Aces
Black Snow '32 Otto Silver Flame

Design exterior: Foundational design by Ford with designs by Mattel, Style of Speed and the whole Hot Rod Community

The series was ignited conceptually in the last century and the re- alization phase was started in the year 2006 with a classic '29 Model A Hot Rod, but in the meantime the Black Snow Hot Rods are avail- able as different models as well:

  • '29,
  • '30,
  • '32,
  • '33,
  • Coupé,
  • Roadster,
  • Speedstar,
  • Vicky,
  • Vicky Speedstar and
  • Pickup.

    Exterior Versions
    Besides the given Exterior Themes™:

  • Classic,
  • Flying Aces and
  • Silver Flame,

    all other kinds of customizations are deliverable by us.

    More informations
    Further informations can be given on request.

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