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  Motorbike Street Legal
The Style of Speed on 2 wheels
  Car Street Legal
Superior Precision and Style of Speed for the street with 4 wheels
  Car Hot Rod
Tradition meets the 21st century
  Car Conversion
Style and technology oriented conversions of standard automobiles
  Car E-Conversion
Conversions of standard automobiles by hybrid or Pure Electric™ drivetrains
  Car E-Muscle
Electric MuscleCars 'R' Us™
  Car E-Micro City
Electric Micro City Car™ (E=MC˛™) system
  Car E-City
Pure Electric™ City Speeders™
  Car E-MPV & E-Van
Electric Multi-Purpose Vehicles™ with Pure Electric™ drivetrains
  Car E-SUV & E-SUT
E-SUV & E-SUT from the Reinventor of Automobiles™
  Car E-Luxury
Fine automobiles with all-electric powertrains
  Car Racing
  Bionic Vehicle
Special vehicles inspired by the nature
High precision, performant and efficient combustion engines
  Active Component
With our Active Components™ we from Style of Speed showed once again our innovative and pioneering competence.
To make your ride your own special supplements like rims and steer- ing wheels can be found in this section.
  Computing and Multimedia
When it comes to vehicle computing and multimedia we are defining the front line of what is the state of the art with our range of sophisticated and outstanding solutions.
Robotics and mobility do these go well together? We do not only think so, but also prove it with many surprising and fascinating inventions.
For sure, we also use our competences for the manufacturing of Hightech Sports Equipment™.
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