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Motorbike Street Legal
The #1 shows our first motorbike design.
The #2 is our second motorbike design with a very smooth and highly elegant design.
The general concept of and the motorbike range created after the #4 amaze the owner by their styles, the driver by their perform- ances and the beholder by both.
  #4) (Sharp For Fun)
The #4) is the classic realization of the #4 with Harley Davidson engine and drive technologies.
  #:) (Sharp Fun)
The #:) integrates concepts, designs, and technnologies of our #1, #4 and 2 :). It features off-the-shelf drivetrain technologies by the company Bayerische Motorenwerke.
  #:P (Bold Fun)
The #:P is another stylish motorbike of the #4 created line of mini- malistic Modern Customs™. To be a really Bold Fun it is powered by Suzuki technologies.
  #:D (Fierce Fun)
As a Jewel of High-Tech™, the Minimalistic and Modern Custom™ #:D of the #4 series has it all: Honda High Performance drivetrains and Style of Speed High-Design™.
  #:> (Wild Fun)
Based on the frame and drivetrain technologies by the marque Buell, the #:> is really a true Modern Custom™ that also revives the "Buell Trilogy of Tech".
  #5 - Tron's First Lightcycle
With the #5 series we created the next fascinating line of rides by following the style and frame geometry of racing motorcycles of the 1910's and 1920's, and using Girder and Hossack front suspensions.
  #;O (Feral Riot)
The #5 line based minimalistic Modern Customs™ #;O with its en- hanced Girder front suspension continues our story of unique high- tech custom-made motorbikes.
  #;D (Fierce Riot)
With the #;D we have created an absolutely astonishing minimalistic Modern Customs™ for everbody, who like to read the curves of mod- ern design just as the curves of a well laid out road while riding.
  #;> (Wild Riot)
If we say wild, then we mean wild, a statement that is represented best with our awesome #;>.
  2 :) (Double Fun)
The 2 :) owns an extra edgy frame and suspension concept.
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