#5 - Tron's First Lightcycle

The goal behind the #5 was to create a new series of Minimalistic and Modern Custom™ motorcycles under the theme: Tron's First Lightcycle™. For this attempt we took as the starting point the style and frame geometry of racing motorcycles of the 1910's and 1920's, and added a Girder fork, as it is the tradition by us and an essential part of the signature of our marque Style of Speed to take extraordinary and edgy as well as superior and innovative solutions. But the highly innovative and progressive Hossack front suspension system and one related to the many Stroetmann suspensions with a unique activation are also used for realization. A further direction is to build up these undescribable machines by taking modern frames as well.

Reactions about our next Modern Customs
"Looking great! [...] The look is getting better and better. Straight- forward engineering [In Style™] [...]."
"Very nice to see something other than telescopic forks."
"This looks nice [...]. Plus with such a loss of weight -both unsprung and inertial- it will perform better to boot."
"A modern sport bike with little dive in the front-end[.] I applaud the efforts in creating these forks. They look great with the twin spar frame."
"This is nicely done, very cool [...]."
"[...] this girder probably will offer a thrilling, capable ride while look- ing stellar and being truly unique. The more I look at it, the more I like it."
"I[']m supprised they didn[']t do anything fancy with the girders [be- fore]."
"Completely replacing the front-end of a [motorbike] with a front- end of your own design (based on a girder) is not just another mod by any stretch."
"[...] putting any project out there before itís finished, whether itís perfect or not, takes guts and you are to be commended for sharing your work. Keep it up." and
"People (who know what they are looking at) look at this project with interest."

Minimalistic and Modern Custom #5 Tron's First Lightcycle Design Sketch 2003- 2004


  • Concept: Krugger and C.S. for Style of Speed
  • Design frame: Indian, Harley Davidson and Style of Speed
  • Design and Engineering front suspension: Different versions as Girder, Hossack and Style of Speed forks
  • Engine and Drivetrain: Different versions with two- and four-cylin- der boxer, straight-two, four-cylinder in-line engine or other config- urations, and chain, belt or cardan shaft drive with optional dual clutch automatic transmission and paddle-style shifters, and also hybrid, Pure Electric™ or Looped Fuel Cell™ based :Drivetrains™ are deliverable
  • All the rest: Customer's dreams and desires

    The #5 is like the #4 a class defining original. And like the #4 we use to create all of these masterpieces of motorcycle modern engines, rear swing arms and further components of other manufacturers, like Harley Davidson and Buell, Bayerische Motorenwerke, Suzuki, Honda or Yamaha, to give some examples. In this conjunction, we would like to invite enthusiasts of such jewels of technology to visit the webpages of our other models, that were Created and Engineered In Style™.
    In general, we could offer 2 different characteristics with Girder or Hossack & Stroetmann front suspensions:

    Girder version

  • #5) (Sharp 5 Riot aka. Razor) Classic (Harley Davidson),
  • #;) (Sharp Riot) (Bayerische Motorenwerke),
  • #;P (Bold Riot) (Suzuki),
  • #;O (Feral Riot) (Yamaha),
  • #;D (Fierce Riot) (Honda) and
  • #;> (Wild Riot) (Buell).

    Hossack & Stroetmann version

  • Sharp 5 Roar Classic (Harley Davidson),
  • Sharp Roar (Bayerische Motorenwerke),
  • Bold Roar (Suzuki),
  • Feral Roar (Yamaha),
  • Fierce Roar (Honda) and
  • Wild Roar (Buell).

    Further Informations
    The Modern Custom™ made minimalistic motorcycles are made and available for all the lovers of Singular Style and Speed™.

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