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#;D (Fierce Riot)

The #;D (Fierce Riot) belongs with the other models of our Modern Custom series created with the #5 to the class of our Wild Rides with the most modern interpretation and realization of motorcycles available.

  • #5: The overall concept of a Modern Custom bike with reengineer- ed and enhanced Girder front suspension and
  • 2 :): The tank and seat, integration of the LED based rear light into the seat, and the version with cardan shift drive.

    Coming soon


  • Concept: Style of Speed
  • Design exterior: Style of Speed, Sachs and Honda
  • Drivetrain: Classic combustion engine with optional compressor (40% increased power output) or turbo charger, hybrid, Pure Elec- tric™ or Looped Fuel Cell™ based, and with chain or belt drive, or cardan shaft drive with optional automatic transmission, dual clutch and paddle-style shifters
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