#4 - The Class Defining Original

The #4 is the first of its kind with such a style, and by this created in 2003 the new class of Minimalistic and Modern Customs™ and also defined as essential part the identity of Style of Speed. The original version is based on the reengineered Bimota Tesi 1D frame and front swing arm with the unique hub center steering concept. Later the Bimota Tesi 2D and 3D frames and front swing arms were added. Its engine and rear suspension arm have always been free to choose, because the #4 is our definition of a general style and not a special motorcycle model.

Minimalistic and Modern Customs
In the meantime motorbike enthusiasts and designers say about our creation of the new class of Modern Customs™:

  • "The rather radical design ideas [of Style of Speed] are the first true fresh ideas in motorcycle design in over 100 years".
  • "Awesome looking bike! The bare essentials, thats what bikes should be about."
  • "Awesome and unique bike [concept ...]!"
  • "[...] probably the most advanced innovative motorcycle design in the world [...]."
  • "The term 'hot seat' also comes to mind. Very unique and interest- ing bike."
  • "Love it, and another plus for hub center steering."
  • "Loooooooove the bike [;] minimalist [;] creative"
  • "I really hope this is the direction custom bike building will go."
  • "Speed, Discovery, etc. should be leading the way [....]"
  • "That looks like fun ...."
  • "The more and more I look at the bike, I realise how beautiful it is! Top effort on making something so nice, usable as well[.]"
  • "Combined with state of the art [...] technology, the [...] concept bike is both classic and innovative."
  • "I love it! It looks HARDCORE[.]"
  • "[...] nice concept."
  • "Siiiiiiccckkkkkkkkkk"
  • "Simply love it! You are the man for this type of stuff!"
  • "Outstanding"
  • "Awesomeness!"
  • "This is Great!"
  • "Bad....assss!"
  • "Awesome and fierce!"
  • "SO HOT [...]!"
  • "Impressive design[...]!!!!"
  • "[...] radical concept [...]"
  • "Some [motorbike designs] are flashy and unrealistic, some are bu- ried in chrome and electronics but sometimes you come across a one-off bike that stirs emotion and a primal urge, provoking an ad- renaline rush."

    Minimalistic and Modern Custom #4 Class Defining Design Sketch 2003
    Minimalistic and Modern Custom #4 Class Defining Design Rendering
    Vyrus Tesi Suspension 1DBimota Tesi Suspension 1D
    Style of Speed #4 ∧ Bimota Suspension
    Minimalistic and Modern Custom #4 Class Defining Design Rendering
    Minimalistic and Modern Custom #4 V5 Class Defining Design Sketch 2003


  • Concept: C.S. for Style of Speed
  • Design exterior: Style of Speed
  • Design and Engineering front suspension: Bimota and Style of Speed
  • Engine and Drivetrain: Different versions with two- and four-cylin- der boxer, straight-two, four-cylinder in-line engine or other config- urations, and chain, belt or cardan shaft drive with optional dual clutch automatic transmission and paddle-style shifters, and also hybrid, Pure Electric™ or Looped Fuel Cell™ based :Drivetrains™ are deliverable
  • All the rest: After the desire of the customer

    As the class defining original, modern engines, rear swing arms and further components of other manufacturers, like Bayerische Motor- enwerke, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, or Harley Davidson and Buell, to name just a few, are as well used to create further totally amazing and fascinating jewels of technology. In this conjunction, we would like to invite fans of such masterpieces to also have a look at our other extremely superb models:

  • #4) (Sharp For Fun) Classic (Harley Davidson),
  • #:) (Sharp Fun) (Bayerische Motorenwerke),
  • #:P (Bold Fun) (Suzuki),
  • #:O (Feral Fun) (Yamaha),
  • #:D (Fierce Fun) (Honda) and
  • #:> (Wild Fun) (Buell).

    Further Informations
    The Modern Custom™ made minimalistic motorbikes are made and available for all the lovers of extraordinary style and speed.

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