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More than 12 years ago, we from Style of Speed asked ourself how vehicles can be developed further. The results are our highly inven- tive and pioneering Active Components™, which are comprising active, adaptive, and self-organizing elements with ground laying and trend setting features and functions, high performance, and outstanding style and speed. The most remarkable features of the Active Component™ system are the biology oriented designs (bio- nics/biomimetics), integrated intelligent controls, compact dimen- sions, lightweight architectures, and foundational functionality for creating much greater and complexer integrated active systems out of the single Active Units™ than it is possible with other solutions.


  • Active Fuel Cell (webpage)
  • Active Reactor (webpage)
  • Active Positioning (webpage)
  • Active Sensor (webpage)
  • Active Camera (webpage)
  • Active Actuator (webpage)
  • Active Motor (webpage)
  • Active Differential (webpage)
  • Active Transmission (webpage)
  • Active Shift (webpage)
  • Active Fan (webpage)
  • Active Bracket (webpage)
  • Active Suspension (webpage)
  • Active Trac (webpage)
  • Active Anti-Roll (webpage)
  • Active Exterior (webpage)
  • Active Rear-view Mirror (webpage)
  • Active Light (webpage)
  • Active Wiper (webpage)
  • Active Colour (webpage)
  • Active Clang (webpage)
  • Active Comfort (webpage)
  • Active Security (webpage)
  • Active Black Box (webpage)
  • Active Interior (webpage)
  • Active Glass (webpage)
      Active Fuel Cell
    Active Fuel Cells™ integrate fuel cells and tanks in different kinds of looped systems.
      Active Reactor
    Active Reactors™ provide highly efficient, powerful, and clean systems without or with our special superfuels.
      Active Positioning
    The Active Positioning™ System (APS) offers global positiong and navigation functionalities and services for all the other Active Components.
      Active Sensor
    Active Sensor™ is a technology developed by us years before the competitors that lets interplay sensors for measurement parameters of every kind with our other Active Components™.
      Active Camera
    Active Cam™ comprises every interplay of ray-based sensors with our other Active Components™ like the Active Light™.
      Active Actuator
    Active Actuator™ is a technology that lets interplay actuators for motions of every kind within our Active Components™ system.
      Active Motor
    Style of Speed develops and delivers electric Active Motors™ in a wide power output range and an interchange framework.
      Active Differential
    The Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™ :Drivetrain™ architectures are one of our many Super Revolutionary™ innovat- ions.
      Active Transmission
    For sure, with our Hightech Competence™ it would be a wonder, if we had not designed, researched and developed (DRD™) our superi- or technologies of Active Transmission™ with up to 100 speeds.
      Active Shift
    The Active Shift™ system is the first proactive and learning shifting control system.
      Active Fan
    Our Active Fans™ are redefining the fan technology at its basics and as such are themselves essential components of many other Active Components™.
      Active Bracket
    The electronical adjustable Active Brackets™ is an elemental part for the construction of intelligent mountings and hinges.
      Active Suspension
    The technology of the Active Suspension is not really new, but by giving suspension systems new dimensions we defined the new gen- eration.
      Active Trac
    The Active Trac™ system is the first proactive and learning stability control system.
      Active Anti-Roll
    The Active Anti-Roll™ system is the first proactive and learning anti roll system used for high-performance sports cars.
      Active Exterior
    The modular Active Exterior™ system includes Active Components™, like Active Wing™, Active Edge™, Active Underbody™, Active Pad™, and Active Diffusor™, to give surface vehicles desired shapes and functionalities.
      Active Rear-view Mirror
    The Active Rear-view Mirror™ solution is appliable for interior and exterior mirrors in combination with many of our other Active Components.
      Active Light
    With Active Light™ we from Style of Speed were first with the de- velopment of lamps with individually activated LEDs and LASERs.
      Active Wiper
    The Active Wiper™ uses highly compressed air to clean surfaces like windscreens.
      Active Colour
    The Active Colour™ Technology is one of many active personalizat- ion technologies that gives the owners or drivers of vehicles the option to individualize the style of the surfaces of the exterior and the interior.
      Active Clang
    The Active Clang™ system enables the possibility to individualize the sound of Pure Electric™ and hybrid vehicles by the owners, drivers or other persons.
      Active Comfort
    The Active Comfort™ modul system gives the owner a range of ma- ny interplays that make the use of a vehicle even more comfortable, fascinating, and fun. The Active Comfort™ technology comprises a whole range of solutions never seen before that simply redefine the driving pleasure.
      Active Security
    The Active Security™ system together with other Active Compon- ent™ technologies offers protection for the driver, the passengers, and the vehicle in many different ways.
      Active Black Box
    The Active Black Box™ records and delivers all data that are needed to prove the facts of an event.
      Active Interior
    The Active Interior™ technology brings the passenger's cabin to life.
      Active Seat
    With its many features and functions the Active Seat™ can't be called a seat anymore.
      Active Lifter
    The Active Lifter™ is another component of our Active Interior™ and Active Comfort™ technologies.
      Active Glass
    The Active Glass™ technologies provide the foundations for our superior displays and advanced projection systems, like Active Windscreen™, Active Rearscreen™, and Active Side Window™.
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