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The Active Comfort™ system by us from Style of Speed is a modular system consisting of different solutions that gives vehicles function- alities of unprecendent comfort by using Active Components like the Active Interior and Active Exterior elements, that use further feat- ures of our Ontologic System (OS), Hightech Operating System (HOS), and n-Dimensional Operating System (nDOS) OntoLix and OntoLinux, and the Ontoscope hardware and OntoScope software architecture, as well as the AutoSemantic::Car extension, which are the:

  • recognition and classification of objects and persons,
  • ability to learn habits of the user, and
  • voice or/and gesture control/command functions

    of the Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M³UI), with the related multi-purpose functionalities of our inventions of the Active Cam(era) and Active Sensor. The new comfort system uses imaging/visual and sounding/audible devices, like the:

  • e-door,
  • electronic Laminated (Safety/Security) Glass (eLSG),
  • electric Polymer (eP), and
  • devices of the Sp@ce paradigm

    from the inside and even the outside of the car as a

  • Head-Up Display (HUD) or/and
  • loud-speaker,


  • Active Lights with Laser Lamp@Car,

    as well as

  • mobile devices, including

    to name just some few, and offers preprogrammed or learned options to the owner of a vehicle, who can make a choice by voice or gesture control/command, like opening a door or a bonnet.


    OntoLab and Style of Speed e-door@Car Touch and Gesture sensitive Displays based on e-Paper, OLED, eLSG/eVSG, and LaserGlass (Image by Toyota)

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