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iRaiment is another business unit of our corporation that is specia- lized on wearable computing, including:

  • hardware
    • smartkey,
    • smartband,
    • smartwatch,
    • smarteyewear, specifically smartglasses,
    • smartwear,


  • software,

    as well as

  • integration of these mobile devices and their functionalities with our other automotive solutions of our sections:
  • Computing and Multimedia and
  • Active Components.

    Actually, the range of upcoming device can be seen on the webpage of iRaiment and many foundational applications are presented here on our website of Style of Speed.

    The range of applications is uncountable. But some examples are:

  • Remote Control (RC) of a vehicle,
  • Augmented Reality (AR) of all kinds, and
  • Active Comfort systems

    that work inside and outside of a vehicle.

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