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Computing and Multimedia

Computing and Multimedia are the fields of many inventions developed by us from Style of Speed, including:

  • High-Tech Operating Systems™,
  • Hyper Connectivity™,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI),
  • User Interfaces (UI), and
  • multimedia technologies, environments, and applications.

    Many tried it before, but all failed until Style of Speed showed the way with our range of highly specialized, high performent, very secure, and uncomparable intelligent hardware and software architectures and platfroms as well as applications.

    OntoLix™ is the High-Tech Operating Systems™ (HOSs) developed by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH together with its divisions for all control, management, and entertainment tasks.
      Distributed Computing
    With our distributed computing architecture powered by OntoL4, OntoLix, and OntoLinux automotive computing has become much more than programming chips of electronic control units, like for example the Automotive World Wide Web™ (AW³™).
      Integrated Data Architecture and Data Fusion
    With our integrated model-based data architecture and data fusion techniques of OntoL4, OntoLix, and OntoLinux we showed once again how the future of automotive computing looks like and set the new benchmark.
      Hyper Connectivity
    Hyper Connectivity denotes our range of general distributed comput- ing paradigms and related platforms, like our AutoCloud, MapCloud, and AutoMapCloud, and the Car in the Cloud.
      Artificial Intelligence
    When it comes to the connection of automotive computing and artif- icial intelligence, we from Style of Speed have to be considered as the first choice.

    Without any doubts, Style of Speed is the Driving Force™ worldwide in the field of multimedia applications in vehicles as well. Like the de- sign and materials, multimedia is also strongly connected with indivi- dualization that comprises everything, from the exterior to the int- erior.
    In this respect, we from Style of Speed are trying always to find, invent, research, develop, and implement new concepts, approaches, and paradigms together with the related techniques and technologies for giving the most achievable personal touch to a vehicle.

      User Interface
    With our Car-X Window System™ and Multilingual Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M³UI™) we offer two of the most progressive User Interfaces (UIs) as the basis for many fascinating interior but also exterior functions.
      Visual Environment
    We also adapted our digital interior and exterior environments for the utilization with vehicles with our 3D Imaging Systems, Space@Car™, Holodeck@Car™, and Head-Mounted Display@Car.
    The eVSG™ is our worldwide unique invention of the integration of the e-paper and LED displays with laminated security/safety glass.
    The eTSG™ is a further worldwide unique invention of us that inte- grates the e-paper and LED displays with toughened security/safety glass.
    The ePolymer™ is a further world wide unique invention that integrates e-paper and LED displays within transparent polymer, inclusive plexiglas.
    The e-door™ is our world wide unique invention of a vehicle door with multimedia features and much more.
      E-door panel
    The e-door panel™ is our multimedia door panel for vehicles of every kind.
    The e-dashboard™ is our world wide unique invention of a dashboard with multimedia features of all different kinds.
      E-center console
    The e-center console™ has the same features as our multimedia e-dashboard.
      E-back shelf
    The e-back shelf™ is a further interior component that has also multimedia features like they are known from our e-dashboard.
      E-roof liner
    The e-roof liner™ complements our range of interior multimedia components.
    As a pioneer in the fields of automotive computing and wearable computing, it is no wonder that we are leading with the integration of these two technological fields as well.
      Mobile Device Holder/Mounting
    The mobile device holder brings an intelligent multimedia solution to your vehicle.
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