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AutoMapCloud - The Original

The AutoMapCloud solution is a further interesting solution that extends the combination of our AutoCloud and our MapCloud with data delivered by our Active Camera and Active Sensor systems.

Diverse Data Sources
With this system users but also the connected vehicles can sent:

  • 2D,
  • 3D,
  • panoramic,
  • infra-red,
  • multi-ray, and
  • other electromagnetic

    images and records, and further sensor data like gained about the conditions of the:

  • weather, specifically the
    • temperature,
    • humidity,
    • barometric pressure, and also
    • visibility,
  • road, and
  • traffic

    to the central or/and distributed map service together with the pos- ition information of the navigation system, and this even automatic- ally. These data are then used for:

  • collecting,
  • pre-processing,
  • analyzing,
  • enriching,
  • post-processing, and finally
  • creating a common dynamic knowledge/semantic map in:
    • 2D,
    • 3D, or even
    • more dimensions,

    that can then be used again by the users and the vehicles for a vast range of services and applications.

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