MapCloud - The Original

The MapCloud is a Web 2.0 based community driven real-time map service. Drivers and passengers of a vehicle and also a vehicle itself can sent the data of their GPS or MultiGPS enabled devices and on-board computers as well as Active Positioning Systems (APSs) to map servers that:

  • collect,
  • pre-process,
  • analyze,
  • post-process, and
  • enrich

    the data in one large dynamic map. This map can then be used by the users and connected vehicles for navigation and information. In addition, all these functions and applications can even have the proactive support of our intelligent navigation system IQNav, that

  • is able to learn the habits of its drivers and passengers and
  • predicts the future by utilizing
    • autonomous Intelligent Personalizable Agent/Assistant (IPA) systems and
    • Active Components.

    With the AutoMapCloud service the basic MapCloud service becomes even more interesting, because many totally different types of sen- sor data can be sent together with the position information to the now n-dimensional map service as well, and this also automatically.

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