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Active Positioning

The intelligent (pro)Active Positioning™ System (APS) offers global positioning and navigation functionalities and services for all of our Active Components.

Our Active Positioning System (APS) delivers geographic data by using one or more satellites and further suitable sources like our MultiGPS technology for proactive decision making by the individual controls of the components as well as their interplays by the overall control system of our Active Component architecture powered by the Ontologic Systems (OSs) and n-Dimensional Operating Systems (nDOSs) OntoLix and OntoLinux, and is already utilized in such a way with for example our systems:

  • Active Light,
  • Active Suspension,
  • Active Trac,
  • Active Transmission,
  • Active Shift, and
  • Active Black Box.

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    Please contact us from Style of Speed directly for all questions con- cerning the technology, the many possibilities, and the details, as well as serial production.

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