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Active Shift

The Active Shift™ system is the worldwide first proactive and learn- ing transmission control system. By using a highly developed Artificial Neural Network (ANN), developed and optimized exclusively by Soft- bionics™, this new technology is once again a remarkable proof of our ingenious engineering.

In contrast to all other transmission and shifting control systems available, which are based on preprogrammed internal knowledge and reactive processing circuits, the Active Shift™ system is designed to process also data gained with the other Active Sensors™ like of the Active Suspension™ while moving a vehicle in a proactive way. Even more fascinating, like our Active Lights, the system can also use the data of the navigation system to select on-the-fly the optimal shift- ing characteristics. For example, on straights in the flatlands a tot- ally different driving with a correspondent shifting style is suitable than on serpentines in the mountains or in urban areas. In this way the adaptivity of the Active Shift™ system results in virtually infinity variable operating modes.

The Active Shift™ system can be applied automatically or is used by enthusiastic Speed-Geeks™ with our steering wheels, which gives full control of every adjustable metrics of all Active Components™.

Furthermore, it supports the Learning by Doing - Learning by Driving mode of the AutoBrain.

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