The AutoBrain is an ultra-fast, artificially intelligent, cognitive, elec- tronic on-board computer developed by our OntoLab and used as central management and engineering system of highly advanced, very flexible, robotic vehicles. It is based on a System on a Chip (SoC) or a System in a Package (SiP) that features:

  • multi-cores like our: with
  • on-chip electromagnetic interconnects.

    The AutoBrain is powered by our Ontologic System architecture and Hightech Operating System OntoLix with:

  • distributed computing architecture,
  • integrated model-based data architecture and data fusion,
  • OntoBot component, and
  • AutoSemantic extension package (see also the initial project AutoSemantic in the Innovation-Pipeline of Ontonics),

    offers a

  • self-aware/reflective cybernetic logic module that allows our cognitve controll and safety systems, and robotic platforms like K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. to
    • think,
    • learn,
    • communicate, and
    • interact with humans

    and features

  • Hyper Connectivity that comprises our other original solutions like as well as
  • α Circuit for autonomous moving (e.g. driving, flying, etc.) vehicles of all kinds.

    Also included are a:

  • high class natural language processor, which is supported by our SpeechCloud and
  • connection to

    Learning by Doing - Learning by Driving - Learning by Flying
    Another unbelievable pathbreaking feature is the Learning by Driv- ing™ respectively Learning by Flying™ modus, that shows the un- comparable advantages of our Active Components™ technology. By the modular integration of all Active Sensors™ and Active Sensor Networks™ into one system and the application of the AutoBrain, which is based on and powered by the Hightech Operating System OntoLix™ with the related AutoSemantic™ package, the Active Components™ learn while a vehicle is in motion or standing still and then even without a passenger by analyzing live broadcasts or videos, playing simulations, or downloading special data out of the World Wide Web for example.

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