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Holonicle@Car™ - The Original

The Holonicle@Car™ solution adapts our Holonicle™ display techno- logies for the utilization with the interior and also for the exterior of vehicles of every kind. Together with our e-door@Car™ it creates a harmonic overall concept.

The Holonicle@Car comprises full 3D imaging display systems with optional single- and multi-touch and gesture sensitivity in combinat- ion with our MobileKinetic technology. Interesting examples are the utilization of the variant of our eLSG™, that is already combined with our Holonicle™ display solutions and in this way is ideally suited for windshields and even used outside of a car as part of an Active Comfort™ system.


OntoLab and Style of Speed Holonicle Touch and Gesture sensitive Advanced Head-Up Displays based on Projection Technology, LaserGlass, electronic Laminated Safety Glass (eLSG/eVSG) and e-Dashboard (Image by General Motors)

Further Information
Our Holonicle@Car solutions and the related multimodal multimedia technologies can be licensed by interested parties at Ontonics.

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