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The AutoSemantic package is a specific extension of our OntoLix and OntoLinux systems for the use with vehicles and comprises:

  • WirelessLAN-compatible,
  • Bluetooth®-compatible,
  • Multimodal Multimedia User-Interface (M2UI™) with our user centric process migration Max-Mig™, application and data synchronization Max-Sync™, and communication Max-Com™,
  • AITouch™,
  • IPNav™ (based on the Galileo System) and IPGPS™ (based on the Global Positioning System) with intelligent navigation IQNav™ inside (see also MultiGPS™ and Active Positioning System (APS)),
  • proactive-drive/predict the future,
  • able to learn the habits of its drivers,
  • able to sense humans (e.g. pedestrians)
    • in general by utilizing our different Active Sensors and
    • wearing watches (e.g. Swatch models Snowpass and Access) or cellphones,
  • able to sense RFID (IPRFID™),
  • swarm-functionality with other cars and the infrastructure by our Dedicated (Short Range) Communications (DSRC) system DediCom™, see also our CarCloud computing,
  • Transuspension™, if offered by the car,
  • compliant with the requirements of the year 2012 of the USA,
  • e-commerce ready (see also the Applications-webpage),
  • solves the problems of too error-prone hands-free alternatives like speech recognition or cameras that recognise speech or gestures,
  • integrated data architecture with data fusion,
  • and much more,

    that makes cars and trucks Simply Better™ and Really Smart™.

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