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Artificial Intelligence

In the section Artificial Intelligence we have collected our worldwide unique suite of our inventive solutions like the cognitive safety and driver assist systems, and swarm intelligence system powered by OntoLix and OntoLinux.

The AutoSemantic packages are specific extensions of our operating systems that add basic semantic features.
AutoBrain is a specifically designed range of chips, systems on (a) chip, and systems in (a) package that support our Automotive Artificial Intelligence (A²I) computing solutions.
K.I.T.T. stands for Knight Intelligence Transport Totality is an older concept, but also a highly innovative implementation of us based on our AutoBrain.
K.A.R.R. means Knight Auto-cybernetic Roving Robotics and has become just right from the start the third generation of the platform for autonomous surface vehicles.
When we started with Automotive Cloud computing and autonomous vehicles of all kinds, we directly developed our Style of Speed (SOS) Swarm Intelligence System (SIS) as well.
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