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Active Suspension

With our efforts in the area of Active Suspension systems we once again have shown together with the Lab of Visions™ OntoLab™ and the divisions Roboticle™, Softbionics™, as well as OntoLinux™ by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH our uncomparable creativity, inno- vative ability, as well as unreached leading role of being the pioneers and The Real #1™. The Active Suspension by Style of Speed gives land driven vehicles new dimensions of movement, flexibility, adapt- ability, and safety not shown before by other companies!

To be or not to be active
By using the OntoLinux powered on-board computer together with the AutoSemantic::Car™ package, our Active Suspension system reads multiple inputs from sensors around the car with the dampers and the hinges making individual load calculations in real-time, for example for the Active Anti-Roll™ system. The gained data is than used as well by the Active Trac™ system to control the Active Actuators™, Electric Torque Vectoring™, Active Differential™ and/or Active Mounts™.


Style of Speed ProActive Components Active Camera, Active Sensors, and Active Suspension → Volkswagen→Audi Predictive Suspension (Image by Audi)
Style of Speed ProActive Components Active Camera, Active Sensors, and Active Suspension → Daimler→Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Suspension (Image by Mercedes-Benz)

Up and down
Moreover, with the raising and lowering function vehicles can adjust the distance between the underbody and the road automatically in an intelligent way.
And again, we do not stop here. Because we already utilize our ad- justable Active Shock Absorbers/Dampers we can use them also in a regenerative mode proactively, which means that they generate en- ergy in specific situations that are decided by our intelligent control and energy system in conjunction with other Active Components. For the same reasons, electric power generators can be integrated into our Active Brackets/Mounts/Hinges of the Active Suspension.

Style of Speed or Nothing

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