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Active Bracket

The Active Bracket™ or Active Mount™ technology is an elemental part for the construction of intelligent mountings and hinges espe- cially in conjunction with our Active Differential™, Active Motor™ and Active Suspension systems.

Active Engine Bracket
Active Engine Brackets™ can be adjusted electronically according to the driving needs. The vibrations by the engines are reduced or initiated at the right point in time in such a way that the dynamics of a vehicle are optimized.

The application of these Active Brackets™ with electric engines like our Active Motors™ is our first invention based on this concept. But the highly inventive combination of Active Engine Brackets™ with a torque vectoring system by us from Style of Speed reaches even further. The application of this general technology for classic drive- trains with combustion engines was a spin-off product while devel- oping the worldwide unique version of this solution for automobiles with all-electric powertrains.

Combining the Electric Torque Vectoring™ Active Differential™ with 1, 2, or even more electric Active Motors™ and the Active Engine Brackets technology is the next step in the evolution of Pure Elec- tric™ drivetrains having the highest performance and dynamics.

Active Suspension Hinge
By using Active Brackets™ as intelligent hinges for our Active Sus- pension systems we once again turned the driving performance of automobiles up side down.

But Active Brackets could also act as electric power generators as part of an energy regeneration system.

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