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Active Motors™ are our larger Active Actuators™ with high intelli- gent, integrated, complete, compact, and user-friendly motion con- trol, very high torque, unprecedented performance, and connectivi- ty within our worldwide unique Active Component™ system. Our Zero Waste™ and Zero Noise™ producing Active Motors™ are avail- able with the listed power outputs:

  • 18.39 kW/24.66 bhp/25 PS,
  • 55.16 kW/73.97 bhp/75 PS,
  • 91.94 kW/123.29 bhp/125 PS,
  • 128.71 kW/ 172.61 bhp/175 PS,
  • 165.49 kW/221.92 bhp/225 PS, and
  • 202.26 kW/271.24 bhp/275 PS.

    By taking the Active Motors™ as the foundation to compose Pure Electric™ powertrains out of 1, 2, 3, or even more Active Motors other power outputs can be realized, like for example in the case of building up Active Differential™ based :Drivetrains™.

    Active Cooling
    For getting the highest performance we have optimized, adapted, researched, designed, and developed cooling systems based on:

  • gases
    • air and
    • hydrogen,
  • and liquids
    • water,
    • special carbon-based liquids, like our Fluid Diamond, and
    • liquefied hydrogen.

    Specifically the hydrogen-based solutions are inventive adaptions conducted by Style of Speed from the fields of turbo generators and electric propulsion concepts for air vehicles by the NASA.
    As a result, we were first as well with the design of drivetrains bas- ed on liquefied hydrogen, which is used for cooling down the super- conducting cryoelectronic components, like the motor, the generat- ors for power production and energy recovery, the cables, the con- trol electronics, and even the Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) systems, before fed into a fuel cell, a combustion engine, or a turbine for power production, while the competitors did not know at that time what to copy from each other.
    In the same way we pioneered the utilization of hydrogenous gas for the cooling of our Active Motors as well.

    But a high-performance cooling system is also based on the con- struction of an electric motor. Besides the common practice to design the flow of the coolant precisely, it is also possible to take stators, which are made of hollow elements through which a cooling agent is circulating.

    It's in The Bearing
    A further speciality of us is our series of Active Motors that are bas- ed on the technology of magnetic bearings using magnetic levitation. We offer three different types that differ by the:

  • replacement of common bearings,
  • integration of bearing and motor as one unit, and
  • application of an integrated bearing and motor unit as a whole wheel or rotor.

    For sure, our Active Motors™ are as well deliverable with a reduct- ion gear unit built into the motor housing.
    On demand, we deliver our Active Motors™ even with an internal/ integrated Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) unit.

    Three other possible technologies that can be integrated directly in the same motor housing are based on the application of a flywheel as:

  • a burst accelerator,
  • an energy storage, and
  • an energy storage as part of a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS).

    The additional technical ingenuity lies in the possibilities that:

  • the flywheel can be accelerated or/and decelerated like the elec- tric motor or/and electric generator by using electricity out of other electric power storages, eg. accumulators or fuel cells,
  • the rotor of the electric motor can be used as the flywheel as well by applying a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT),
  • the flywheel can be directly accelerated and decelerated by me- chanical energy, if an internal/integrated CVT unit is used, and
  • even a gimbal mounted flywheel can be directly accelerated and decelerated by electricity produced with the electric motor used as an electric generator.

    Quasiturbine-based hybrid
    Furthermore, due to their constructions and modularizations, hybrid engines can be built be integrating our Active Motor with our quasi- turbine inclusive the optional reduction gear unit and the flywheel- based burst accelerator, energy storage, and brake energy recovery systems.

    Further informations
    Our Active Motors are the ideal choice for ustomers, who are in the need of:
    More Power - More Speed - More Fun™.
    We from Style of Speed would be glad to delight customers by given detailed informations of these highly performant solutions. For addi- tional research and development tasks, as well as production in large scale Style of Speed is supported by other manufacturers of mecha- tronical systems like actuators and electric motors. That's eMotion™

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