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Quasiturbine - The Game Changer

A quasiturbine is a pistonless rotary engine. What we from Style of Speed have developed in 2004 is a quasiturbine that combines the concepts of the Otto and Diesel piston engines, and the jet engines in an extremely simple design that eleminates the main disadvanta- geous of many other internal combustion engine designs and con- structions.

Features and Characteristics
Our quasiturbine is the game changer by having the following tech- nical features and working characteristics:

  • integrates Constant Volume Combustion (CVC) and Constant Pressure Combustion (CPC),
  • Pulsed Detonation Engine (PDE),
  • many power pulses per revolution,
  • very powerful,
  • much higher revolutions per minute (rpm) than a piston engine or an electric motor (first generation around 50,000 rpm, prototyps above 200,000 rpm),
  • much higher efficiency than other types of internal combustion engines, eg. piston engine, or turbine-based jet engine,
  • conceptually outperforms easily and in every aspect any other type of drivetrain, even those based on electric motors and standard accumulators,
  • homogeneous combustion,
  • very clean combustion, which can be even done with for example hydrogen, natural gas or biofuells,

  • needs only one moving part per "cylinder", which is far less than other rotary engines,
  • valveless,
  • no problems with
    • sealing,
    • cooling and
    • lubrication,

  • lightweight,
  • very compact dimensions,
  • very high performance-volume and performance-weight ratios constitute new dimension,

  • modular design, so that
    • "cyclinders" can be composed to one engine as needed and
    • possibility to add several low and high pressure stages, like with turbines,

  • works as an internal combustion engine without problems,
  • highly reliable like other internal combustion engine designs and constructions,
  • can substitute easily other types of internal combustion engine,
  • even application of additional forced induction systems possible,

  • possible direct integration of an Anti-Lag System (ALS) to provide bursts of acceleration at lower revolutions by applying the concept of the flywheel energy storage, which even can be easily further ex- tended with a Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS),


  • modular designs of our quasiturbine and our Active Motor™ with all of their options can be used in the construction of hybrid engines.

    That is the true #1™'s Speed, Style and Hightech Competence™

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