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Brake Energy Recovery

By restoring energy that normally is wasted while braking a motor- bike or an automobile in such a way that it can be used again latter for the acceleration of a vehicle a large portion of the energy can be recovered. What make our Brake Energy Recovery Systems (BERSs) special is our pioneering ideas of using:

  • superconductive capacitors besides the already existing sol- utions that apply standard capacitors, like for example electric double-layer capacitors,
  • our innovative accumulators, e.g. our Jelly/Gel Air Battery™, and also
  • our ultrabatteries/superaccus™, which combine supercapacit- ors and accumulators in one unit, like our AeroAccu.

A further pioneering idea is the integration of our BERSs with torque vectoring differentials, specifically our Active Differentials™, exclud- ing the standard capacitor version and the special version of an ul- trabattery/superaccu based on a supercapacitor integrated with a leadľacid battery cell, for vehicles of all kinds as a worldwide firsts.

A further option to store the regained energy is to use a pressure reservoir or a flywheel energy storage, as we also do it with our Active Motors™ and quasiturbines.

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