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With our high creativity and high technology inventions we from Style of Speed have become the worldwide most innovative automo- tive division just right from the start.

  Energy Generation
Systems to generate its own energy by motorbikes, automobiles, or trucks were long time thought a dream of eco-friendly gurus, but are becoming now an integral part of modern vehicles.
  Energy Regeneration
Energy regeneration systems are useful extensions for motorbikes, automobiles, and other vehicles.
  Energy Storage
By using hybrid or electric™ drivetrains energy storage systems are becoming now an integral part of modern vehicles.
With our Quickcharger™ solution we showed all others how to do it in the right way.
With the iarm™ we have created an intelligent Reenergizing Syst- em™ for the refueling and (re-)charging of energy storages of modern vehicles.
  irail and ipad
The intellignet irail™ is the invention of us from Style of Speed for the contactless charging of electric energy storages.


Individualization comprises everything, from the exterior to the interior. In this respect we from Style of Speed are trying always to find supplements for giving the most achievable personal touch to the vehicle by its owner. Rims and steering wheels are only two of the infinite possibilities.

Individualization of your fun machine begins with your own rims.
  Steering Wheel
Steering wheels are very important elements for enhancing the per- formance and style of your ride.
The eVSG™ is our world wide unique invention of the integration of the e-paper displays with laminated (security/safety) glass.
The e-door™ is our world wide unique invention of a vehicle door with multimedia features and much more.
  E-door panel
The e-door panel™ is our multimedia door panel for vehicles of every kind.
The e-dashboard™ is our world wide unique invention of a dashboard with multimedia features of all different kinds.
  E-center console
The e-center console™ has the same features as our multimedia e-dashboard.
  E-back shelf
The e-back shelf™ is a further interior component that has also multimedia features like they are known from our e-dashboard.
  E-roof liner
The e-roof liner™ complements our interior multimedia components.
  Mobile Device Holder/Mounting
The mobile device holder brings an intelligent multimedia solution to your vehicle.
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