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Energy Generation

The Holistic Design and System approach in the field of environment friendly machines begins with one main question: How can energy be generated? A system for energy generation would have a noticeable effect for the goal to heighten the energy efficience of every vehicle in motion. That is the situation where we from Style of Speed come into play with the contribution of many sensational solutions.

Active Solar Panels
The application of solar panels in roofs of for example automobiles or trucks is not new. But we from Style of Speed together with Onto- nics, the OntoLab, and IRAIMENT thought about how we could de- velop surfaces to collect more energy carrying rays to produce more energy. The results are 3 ingenious solutions: A foldable solar panel system, the Multi-Ray Panel™, and the integration with Active Com- ponents™. By using an Origami like mechanism several thin-film solar panels can be folded in and out. This technical solution has the ad- vantages of needing on one side only a small amount of space for storing the solar panels and having on the other side a significantly larger surface when unfolded. The next solution is our Multi-Ray Pa- nel™ that after the intended use unites different types of radition collectors, like our X-Ray Collector™, IR- Ray Collector™, UV-Ray Collector™, or Lunar Collector™. A further solution is that all tech- nologies can be integrated into and combined with each other based on the technologies of our Active Component System, like example given the Active Actuator™ and Active Exterior™ systems like Active Wings™. A system made out of solar or Multi-Ray™ panels can then be made movable as needed while following the sun or changing the dynamic characteristics of the exterior of a vehicle.

Solar Fabrics
Our invention of the Solar Fabrics™ brings the advantages of solar panels even to convertibles with soft tops by making the roof skin out of the foldable solar radiation collecting material and to motor- bikes and scooters by using the material for the seat covers.

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