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With all of their features, Active Wings™ enable to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics, and increase the dynamics, stability, energy consumption, and safety of vehicles vastly.

Classic Technology
Our classic Active Wing™ technology is centered around an old principle: If the angle of attack of a surface is varied in a flowing fluid, then its resistance against the fluid can be varied accordingly. This simple rule is used by our into roofs and trunklids integrated Active Wings. The technology is also realized as a whole in the form of front and rear spoilers.

Next Generation
The next generation of Active Wings™ not only achieves the whole functionality, efficiency and performance of wings seen in nature, but more stunning surpasses them by far and reaches further into new dimensions: By constructing an Active Wing™ itself like Active Feathers™, which are made out of Networks of Active Actuators™.
The results are for example the possibilities to sculpture the shape of wings according to the needs of operations, like the camber or the surface of front and rear spoilers, or even to make the whole body of a vehicle an Active Wing™.

Integration with Active Edge
A further top feature of our Active Wings™ is the optional integrat- ion with the Active Edge™ technology, which applies small Active Motors™ with Active Fans™. By actively sucking and blowing air across the whole wing body it is possible to sculpture a virtual wing shape and form its boundary layer at its leading and trailing edges. The result is a unique and superior performance.

Further Informations and Support
Please contact us from Style of Speed directly for all questions con- cerning the many possibilities and details related with the aesthet- ics, technology and serial production.

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