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irail and ipad - The Originals

The iguardrail is the intelligent crash barrier and rail with different features. To the most fascinating of these features belongs the po- ssibility of self-healing, and the integration of the Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) or other technologies that are based on coupled resonators, like our Wireless Resonant Power Link (WRPL) technolo- gy. Especially the latter feature makes the need of wire based batt- ery charging stations and accumulator exchange stations for electric driven vehicles obsolete.
The technology can also be made invisible by integrating it into the existing infrastructure. For example, it is possible to directly set irails into the piers of bridges, into the lanes, or underground of parking spaces. In the latter case the technology is also called ipad. The iguardrail technology is realizable even as a replacement of traffic light and street lamp poles, or the road marking.

With our newest generation the air gap between the contact points/pads and a vehicle can be increased significantly to 3 feet/91 cm without decreasing the efficiency of the overall system respectively increasing the loss of energy dissipation.
But our system is capable to do more. By a clever usage of the physical conditions, the data for the charger management, a payment system and other applications can be transmitted as well in this way or by a connected wireless network technology.

For increasing the amount of transfered energy and in this way im- proving our wireless Quickcharger variant we integrated the ibeam.

Our irail and ipad and their extensions also work together with the Active Fuel Cells.
In addition, adaptions of our irail and ipad can be used with the Active Components of our Active Interior.


Ontologics OntoLix and OntoLinux Distributed Computing Architecture with AutoSmartphone, Near-Field Communication Payment System, and Style of Speed iRail and iPad Power Station with Wireless Local Area Network and OntoBeam (Image by Ford)

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