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ibeam - The Original

We from Style of Speed have developed the next revolutionary energy transmission technology with our worldwide unique ibeam.
With the ibeam technology electric energy can be transmitted over large distances, which was not possible in this special way before with other technologies due to the lack of knowledge about physics and the inability to construct related devices, so that neither a cable based connection of an electric car with a charging station or of a pad of a wireless charging station with a electric power source is needed, as it is the case with our Quickcharger service stations, nor recharging an electric energy storage device of a vehicle is needed at all, as it is already the case with our wired irail.

For making our ibeam possible we had to develop several break- through technologies, which are revolutions of theirselves, such as:

  • directed and far range transmission of electromagnetic beams in the radiowave and microwave spectrum,
  • efficient reception of electromagnetic beams in the radiowave and microwave spectrum,
  • safe energy transmission (no burn),
  • secure energy transmission (no free lunch), and
  • much more.

    The ibeam is a pure innovation of the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and our divisions Style of Speed™, Ontonics™, as well as the OntoLab™ (presented on the 23rd of July 2015).

    The ibeam can be integrated with the irail and ipad to increase the amount of transfered energy and in this way improves our wireless Quickcharger technology.

    Our ibeam works together with every electric energy storage device, such as our Active Fuel Cells.

    Tesla Superpower Tower
    Self-evident, the ibeam technology will become an essential part of our Style of Speed Quickcharger service station network with the construction of Tesla Superpower Towers.
    A possible architecture of our first Tesla Superpower Tower in a signature design to identify the sites of our Quickcharger network is shown in the image below. Another potential signature design could be similar to the Shukhov Tower, so that everybody knows where they get the best electric automobiles and services.


    Nikola Tesla Wardenclyffe Laboratory Building and Tesla Broadcast Tower → Style of Speed Tesla Superpower Tower
    Shukhov Tower → Style of Speed Tesla Superpower Tower

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