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Steering Wheel

Our steering wheels pallet for the most sporty automobiles comprises highly attractive styles and surpassing functionalities. To name three main features of our steering wheels we would like to point out the interplay with our OntoLinux High-Tech Operating System, the optio- nal touch screen, and a possible integration with an airbag. With all of these elements the management of your automobile becomes as safe and easy as using a music player or a smartphone.


Ferrari F1 → Style of Speed 2011 with Thumbwheel Knobs; Prototyp by Amalgam Fine Model Cars
Ferrari F1 → Style of Speed 2004 Prototyp by Amalgam Fine Model CarsFerrari F1 → Style of Speed Prototyp by Amalgam Fine Model Cars
Volkswagen→Audi R15 TDI 2009

Further Informations
The shown images are given only a first impressions how steering wheels may look like. The prototypes were made by Amalgam Fine Model Cars, while the stearing wheel with display that we extended with our touch screen concept was made by Volkswagen.

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