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Energy Storage

After the Holistic Design and System approach in the field of envir- onment friendly machines has answered the question, how energy can be generated, it must also give the answer to the next quest- ion: How can the energy be stored? A system for energy storage is a significant part for the construction of every energy efficient ve- hicle in motion. That is the situation where we from Style of Speed come again into play with the contribution of many totally outstand- ing innovations.

Our invention of the AeroAccu™/AeroBattery™ is both an accumu- lator/battery and a supercapacitor. The material is based on our carbon nanotubes MagicSnow™/BuckyTubes™, which are aligned and coated with an organic Aerogel like material.
By being a supercapacitor the material is able to be charged in sec- onds. But that's not yet all. Due to its extremely high strength, the material can also replace load-bearing elements, components and parts of automobiles, but also of aerial vehicles and ships, for ex- ample.

Jelly/Gel Air Battery
The Jelly Air™/Gel Air™ Battery combines the concepts of the jelly battery and the air battery, which makes it similar to the Jelly/Gel Fuel Cell™. The general concept of the Jelly Air Battery can be com- bined with our AeroAcccu/AeroBattery™, as well as be specialized with our Lithium-Titanate Air™, Lithium-Sulphur Air™ and Metal-Fluoride Air™ battery solutions.

Looped Fuel Cell
A further technology to store huge amounts of electric power are our Looped Fuel Cells™ or Active Fuel Cells™ that are both a fuel cell and an accumulator/battery.

Jelly/Gel Fuel Cell
The Jelly/Gel Fuel Cell combines the concepts of the jelly accumulat- or, which electrolyte is a rubber-like polymer, and the fuel cell. The advantage of the gel is that it features both the solid and the liquid state, and in this way unites the advantages of an accumulator with a solid electrolyte, that is to say safety, and an accumulator with a liquid electrolyte, thus efficiency. With our innovation we have appli- ed this special property to the construction of fuel cells by extend- ing the concept of the gel-oxygen accumulator in such a way that the jelly can't only be recharged, but also exchanged. This has led directly to this new general hybrid fuel cell technology, that is amaz- ingly different and correspondingly fascinating in the use.

Flywheels, like our 3D Flywheel and Counter-Rotating Flywheel, are proven and efficient technologies for storing energy, especially if they are used by e.g. our Brake Energy recovery System (BERS).

Pressure Reservoir
A total different possibility to store recovered energy is by creating an overpressure in a suited pressure reservoir. This kind of energy storage works with our energy regeneration systems like our Brake Energy recovery System (BERS) and Stroetmann-Compressor.

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