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With our High Creativity™ and Hightech Competence™ that made us the worldwide most innovative automotive division, we from Style of Speed have researched, designed and developed the most fascinat- ing combustion engines for vehicels of every kind. In this section we would like to show our customers and fans what this really means.

  Forced Induction
With our Modular Forced Induction™ System every sports car gets the extra kick.
  Combustion Engine with Turbo Bank
Combustion engines that feature our Turbo Bank™ Systems are highly precise, performant and efficient combustion engines.
  Gas Turbo Engine
The Gas Turbo engines™ (GTron™) feature sophisticated forced induction and propellant systems that make them extremely efficient engines.
  Combined Combustion Engine
What makes our Combined Combustion Engines™ so special is their very high working pressures, the usage of standard fuels and their unparalled superior efficiency.
  Engine on Demand
Our Engine on Demand™ technology comprises engines that are connected at the crankshaft or/and camshaft by clutches, which leads to a new class of combustion engines.
  Hybrid on Demand
Our Hybrid on Demand™ technology combines cylinder deactivation or our Engine on Demand™ technology with hybrid drivetrains.
  Distributed Engine
The Distributed Engine™ (Network) technology combines all different kinds of drivetrains in many advantageous ways.
Roughly explained, our quasiturbines integrate the concepts of com- bustion engines and jet engines.
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