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Combined Combustion Engine™

With our Combined Combustion Engines™ (CCE™) we have envision- ed, designed, researched and developed extremely fascinating eng- ines. What makes them so special are their:

  • very high working pressures and
  • MixFuel system, as well as their
  • looped versions.

    Very High Working Pressure
    In general, Combined Combustion Engines™ are based on the con- cept that either

  • an Otto engine is set under very high working pressure like a Diesel engine or
  • a Diesel engine is mainly powered with a propellant of an Otto engine in a MixFuel mode.

    For building up the working pressure and reducing the displacement our ultra performant forced induction and turbo bank technologies is applied or a Gas Turbo engine (GTron) variant is used ideally.

    MixFuel System
    In comparison to other Combined Combustion Engines™, we apply our MixFuel™ system, that uses usual

  • gasoline,
  • natural gas, or
  • hydrogen

    together with diesel fuel. In practice two tanks are filled with the propellants, which are

  • seperately handled,
  • simply mixed,
  • seperated into their basic chemical substances and then mixed, or/and
  • reformed on-the-fly by a reactor,

    while on their way into the manifold or injected into the combustion chambers of an engine.

    Very Clean
    3 technologies are applied to ensure that our Combined Combustion Engines are the cleanest combustion engines in the world. For this, a CCE can be:

  • operated with up to 70% of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR),
  • constructed as a GTron and then run with up to 100% hydrogen in the Otto engine variant and up to 90% hydrogen and 10% diesel fuel in the Diesel engine variant, and
  • construced as a Looped Combined Combustion Engine™ (LCCE) by integrating our Regenerative Catalysator™ technology.
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