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Gas Turbo engine™ - The Original

Our Gas Turbo engine™ (GTron™) architecture is based on many highly innovative concepts, technologies, and their integrations that makes it so special, as it can be seen with the:

  • high working pressure built up by
  • forced induction systems primarily based on turbochargers,
  • integrated energy regeneration systems for power generation by e.g. the
  • on-the-fly hydrogen production, and Forced Induction and Injection (FI²) systems with the
  • on-the-fly hydrocarbon gas production, and Forced Induction and Injection (FI²) systems with the
  • propellant flexibility given by the utilization of the
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGRS™), and
  • many engine versions based on additional solutions.

    Very High Working Pressure
    In general, GTrons™ are based on a similar concept as used with the
    Combined Combustion Engine that is to use a very high working pressure. For building up the high working pressure and in this way reducing the displacement as a side effect our ultra performant forced induction and turbo bank technologies can be applied ideally.

    Propellant Flexibility
    In comparison to other special engine technologies, which need very special and expensive synthetic fuels, the GTron™ technology does not need a special fuel at all and can even be integrated into hybride engine versions, that are powered by

  • usual gasoline,
  • diesel fuel,
  • synthetic fuels
  • hydrogen,
  • natural gas,
  • biofuels
    • biogas,
    • bioethanol,
  • reformed propellant,
  • bipropellant/dual MixFuel™ based on the combination of diesel fuel with
    • hydrogen,
    • natural gas, or
    • gasoline
    • handled directly,
    • simply mixed,
    • seperated into their basic chemical substances and then mixed, or/and
    • reformed on-the-fly in a special mixing reactor,
    as used with our Combined Combustion Engine,
  • water and water based mixtures, as used with our Stroetmann engine, and also
  • all other suitable propellants.

    Engine Versions
    The GTron technology can be integrated with other types of engine technologies like our
    Combined Combustion Engine™, that is obvious due to their conceptual similarities and also reflected with the prop- ellant flexibility, and quasiturbines, but also with fuel cell powered electric drivetrains and further technologies based on compressors and superchargers, as well as energy recovery systems.

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