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E-Components comprise basic components and modules that are used for the realization of our Active Components and multimedia systems.

The eLSG™ or eVSG™ is our worldwide unique invention of the integration of the e-paper and LED displays with laminated security/safety glass.
The eTSG™ is a further worldwide unique invention of us that inte- grates the e-paper and LED displays with toughened security/safety glass.
The e-polymer™ or eP is a further world wide unique invention that integrates e-paper and LED displays within transparent polymer, inclusive plexiglas.
The e-door™ is our world wide unique invention of a vehicle door with multimedia features and much more.
  E-door panel
The e-door panel™ is our multimedia door panel for vehicles of every kind.
The e-dashboard™ is our world wide unique invention of a dashboard with multimedia features of all different kinds.
  E-center console
The e-center console™ has the same features as our multimedia e-dashboard.
  E-back shelf
The e-back shelf™ is a further interior component that has also multimedia features like they are known from our e-dashboard.
  E-roof liner
The e-roof liner™ complements our range of interior multimedia components.
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