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Active Rear-view Mirror

Active Rear-view Mirrors™ are a new class of interior and exterior mirrors that are based on displays and our Active Cam technology with many additional functionalities and a wide range of different variants. As many of our other Active Components, they can be integrated with the Active Exterior and Active Interior technologies, as well as with further Active Sensors of us and our Active Taillights.

An Active Rear-view Mirror can be made out of a common 2D and 3D display, as used for smartphones and other mobile devices, a whole small mobile device with a special holder mounted to the roof, our eLSG, and other transparent display technologies, so that even larg- er rear-view systems are possible that do not disturbe the driver if not needed.
The Active Camera can have different lenses, e.g. fish eye and panoramic optics.
Moreover, Active Sensors, like e.g. our Active Laser and Active Maser based scanning/radar systems, and also Jiotto Caspati's solution of an IR-sensor, which was integrated into the retractable exterior mirrors for recognizing pedestrians, can be utilized.

Our Active Rear-view Mirrors are controlled in an intelligent way. For example, if the headlights of other vehicles driving behind are glar- ing, then its control system either:

  • darkens the whole image or
  • even only darkens the headlights in the rear-view image by recognizing them and leaving the rest unaltered,

    which is based on the same solution as used for our Active Lights in the case of the automatic high/main beam control.

    In addition, our Active Rear-view Mirrors can have many more features like for example:

  • multimodal user interfaces with e.g.
    • touch sensitivity,
    • voice control,
    • gesture control, and
    • tactile/haptic,
  • camera functions with e.g.
    • focusing,
    • zooming,
    • rendering virtual lenses by software algorithms, and
    • recording,
    and also
  • more multimedia approaches, specifically
    • augmented reality,

    to name just some of the many possibilities.

    Virtual Rear-view Mirror
    Last but not least, with our latest invention in this field it is possible to present the rear-view image directly with our advanced Head-Up Displays (HUDs), eLSG, and eTSG technologies directly on the wind- shield and the side windows by presenting the rear-view images in a perspectively corrected way, so that the real rear-view mirrors will become obsolete by their virtual substitutes, which is also supported by the utilization of our MultiKinetic technology, that supports the optimization of the illusion of a rear-view mirror significantly.
    Because the virtual side rear-view mirrors can only function, if an imaging screen is available, which is not the case if the front side windows are down and no triangular window is there, we developed the solution to display the virtual side rear-view images on the wind- screen as well, if less than around 4 inches or 10 centimeters of a side window are viewable. Alternatively, the virtual rear-view mirrors are also projected on the windshield, which would have the effect as if rear-view mirrors are mounted on the fenders.


    Style of Speed ProActive Components Active Interior Rear-view Mirror with Touch and Gesture sensitive Displays (Image by General Motors)Style of Speed RE e-quattro ProActive Components Active Interior Rear-view Mirror with Touch and Gesture sensitive Displays (Image by Audi)
    Style of Speed Active Interior Rear-view Mirrors, Dashboard with e-dashboard and Pad Holder → Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido Concept Interior → Caccia Interior (Image by Italdesign Giugiaro)

    Interested persons can get further informations in relation to tech- nological and aesthetical questions form us, and also talk about custom solutions and large-batch production by our high quality and high technology producing suppliers.

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