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Active Windscreen™

The Active Windscreen™ is based on our outstanding 2D and 3D imaging display technologies and offer a range of fascinating func- tions never known before.

The basic technologies of the Active Windsreen are our:

  • electronic Laminated Safety/Security Glass™ (eLSG™),
  • Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M³UI™), as well as
  • Space@Car™ with Augmented Reality (AR).

    The Active Windscreen provides many advantages that are not achievable with common display and projection technologies.
    As a display it solves the general problem of solutions based on projection technologies, because a projection system only works if no object blocks the light beam between the projector and the projection screen.
    Furthermore, due to the use of our Carbon Quantum dot Light-Emitting Diode™ (CQLED™) display technology, we can provide the most:

  • brilliant and
  • opaque

    imaging, which is not achievable with projection technologies.
    In addition, through the:

  • use of carbon allotropes for the
    • quantum dot diodes,
    • field-effect transistors, and
    • select, data, and power lines,
    as well as
  • special ways of construction

    of the display

  • a very high transparency,
  • extremely high resolutions,
  • very high refresh rates, and
  • a very low power consumption

    can be made possible with this perfect technology.

    As an Advanced Head-Up Display™ (AHUD™) the range of func- tionalities of the Active Windscreen comprises:

  • common HUD,
  • HUD Plus™ and
  • HUD AR™,

    which all are able to present data with

  • 2D,
  • True 3D™ comformal, and
  • Pure 3D™ imaging,

    that are controlled by our Multimodal Multimedia User Interface™ (M³UI™) solutions, including for example our MultiKinetic™ techno- logy with body and eye tracking for gesture control of the screen and the applications.

    While the standard HUD presents data of the gauge on the screen, our HUD Plus™ adds graphics like virtual road signs and also data of the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system.
    A further variante is our HUD AR, that is based on our Space@Car concept and our Active Components™, specifically the Active Cam™ and the Active Sensor™, and in this way adds the full spectrum of AR techniques.

    Multimedia Application
    Especially interesting is the application based on the interplay of our Active Cam™ and our Active Sensor™, that adds the ability to drive without a clear view or even without a view at all due to for example

  • rain,
  • snow,
  • fog,
  • dazzling sunshine, or/and
  • darkness.

    In such a situation the Active Windscreen also shows the environ- mental data captured in real-time by the Active Sensors, so that the normal view is augmented or even fully synthesized in such a way, as if no bad wheather conditions or/and day times are existent at all. Practically, this also means that no wipers or headlights are needed at all.


    OntoLab and Style of Speed Augmented Reality and True 3D Space@Car or Head-Up Display Plus with Projector or electronic Laminated Safety Glass
    OntoLab and Style of Speed Holonicle Touch and Gesture sensitive Advanced Head-Up Displays based on electronic Laminated Safety Glass (eLSG/eVSG) and e-Dashboard (Image by General Motors)

    Further Informations and Support
    We from Style of Speed answer all your questions related with the many possibilities and details related with the aesthetics, techno- logy, and serial production directly. Licensing of the single solutions is managed by our hightech office Ontonics.

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