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Active Reactor - The Silver Bullet

The electric energy system Active Reactor™ with its 100% environmental friendly continuous flow Reactor Cell™ is our next Green Heart™ for clean electric driving fun.

Very Very Very
Characteristic for our Reactor™ systems are the:

Very High Efficiency
These Reactor systems are very similar to a power plant for the generation of electric energy and providing similar high efficiences. Such an efficiency is generally not achievable with electrochemical batteries and fuel cells.
They can be used alone or in combination with Purely Electric™ and hybrid components and technologies for the construction of drivetrains.

Very High Performance
By design our Active Reactors can be scalled in different ways in accordance with the requirement of a vehicle or/and the demand of a driver. They are suitable for small sports equipments, such as an electric skateboard and an electric bicycle, but also for large transport vehicles, such as e.g. road trains.

Very Compact and Lightweight
The very high efficiency and performance on the one hand and the sophisticated way of construction on the other hand result in very small-dimensioned and lightweight Reactors.

Reactor Variants
We have developed various variants of our Active Reactor system with different Reactor cells, which are optimized for the use of

  • hydrogen (H),
  • hydrocarbons (CxHy; e.g. methane, propane, gasoline, and (bio)diesel), and
  • hydrocarbon compounds with functional group (CxHyOz; e.g. alcohols, and aldehydes or alkanals), as well as
  • our fuel of the 21st century.

Fuel of the 21st Century
We also developed somekind of a new fuel that has all the advantages of common fuels listed above, but not their very well known disadvantages.
For practical use the
OntoLab also integrated mature techniques and technologies.

Compared with a rechargeable battery our Reactor system powered with this fuel provides a specific energy of around 35,000 Wh/kg (practical), which can be used to charge an (electric) energy storage device or to power electric motors for example, but also a fuel cell.

Due to these incredibly advantageous characteristics it is easy to see why we call it the fuel of the 21st century (21).

Integrated Fuel and Reactor Systems
For sure, we also developed special variants of our next revolutionary game changer, that are powered by our new regenerative fuels:

  • 21 Fuel and
  • 22 Fuel.

The advantages of our Reactor™ systems are fabulous and enable us to provide:

  • clean power,
  • most affordable electric energy system in comparison to all competitors, that costs around 50% of a battery and 70% of a fuel cell and decreases the cost of an electric car by around 35% in comparison to a battery car,
  • most efficient powertrain ever constructed, as already explained in the past,
  • no application insecurities anymore, for example
    • no range anxiety of electric vehicles,
    • reliable energy support at remote destinations, and
    • weather independent performance in very cold and hot environments,
  • fast reactivation time, that can be done at every common gasoline station and also at our Quickcharger stations,
  • and much more,

that the modern societies are demanding for.

SuperRevolutionary™ Second-ever Record
After we already set the frist-ever record By our SuperRevolutionary™ concept to adapt closed-loop fuel cells for surface vehicles and its further development to a range of Loop- ed Fuel Cells™

We from Style of Speed have not only overcome a second time the energy storage challenge, but also the infrastructure challenge as the first company worldwide.

Mean Clean Greener than Green Machine - Also available in red, blue, and other colors.
Meep! Meep! - Meep!

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