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Active Rearscreen

The Active Rearscreen™ is based on our propritary isotropic display technologies.

The basic technologies of our Active Rearscreen are our:

  • electronic Laminated Safety/Security Glass™ (eLSG™),
  • Space@Car™, that comprises the Mixed Reality (MR) concepts, inclusive the Augmented Reality (AR) and the Virtual Reality (VR) techniques, and
  • MultiKinetic™ technology with body and eye tracking for gesture control of the screen and the applications.

    The range of functionality is not completely describable.

    Further Informations and Support
    We from Style of Speed answer all your questions related with the many possibilities and details related with the aesthetics, techno- logy, and serial production directly. Licensing of the single solutions is managed by our hightech office Ontonics.

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