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Active Pad

The Active Pad is a specialized Active Underbody component that contains a capture coil, so that it can be used with stationary and dynamic recharging and power supply systems for vehicles with electric or hybrid powertrains like our irail and ipad. With the specific features of the Active Pad the flexibility and variety of our Active Component system by Style of Speed is shown a further time.

Up and down
The Active Pad can be lowered for reducing its gap to a power source coil of a recharging and power supply system, and increasing the efficiency of the power transmission considerably in this way. In general, this solution is not new, but to use such a pad as part of a wireless power transmission system and a dynamic charging system even while driving and to utilize suitable Active Sensors to control the distance of the Active Pad to the ground, as it is also used for the Active Suspension for example, are indeed new solutions devel- oped by us.

Further Possiblity
As usual, we do not stop at this point. The Active Pad system can be integrated into a braking bag respectively braking pad system mounted below the front of a vehicle that in a case of a dangerous situation is lowered to the ground. In this way the braking surface is enlarged and the braking distance shortened accordingly. In addition, the vehicle is slightly raised at the front, which prevents it to dip under an obstacle.

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