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Active Underbody

Like an Active Wing™, an Active Underbody™ enables to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics, and significantly increase the dy- namics, stability, energy consumption, and safety of vehicles.

Parts of an Active Underbody™ are realized with our Active Wing™ and Active Diffusor™ technologies at the front and lower rear of vehicles. But in general, this technology can be applied at every position under a vehicle, like example given at the sill.

Next Generation
By constructing an Active Underbody™ out of Active Feathers™, which are made out of Networks of Active Actuators™, the shape of underbodies can be actively sculptured according to the needs of operations. In the fully developed version the whole underbody be- comes an Active Element™.

Integration with Active Edge
The integration with the Active Edge™ technology is possible as well.

The Body

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