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  up! R
The up! R is our conversion of the Volkswagen up!.
  Eos R
The Eos R is a concept of the Volkswagen Eos.
  Eos BB
The Eos BB is the Beauty Beast™ concept of the Volkswagen Eos.
  Scirocco BB
The Scirocco BB is the Beauty Beast™ concept of the Volkswagen Scirocco 3.
With the GTA³ based on the Audi A1 we present our definition of the pocket rocket of the next generation.
  GTA³ Ultra
Our GTA³ Ultra is the radically optimized version of our GTron coupé so that we also call it the ultra pocket rocket.
  GTA³ Spyder
The GTA³ Spyder is our planned open version of our GTA³ model line.
  356 V8 - The Outlaw
Could it be true? Yes, indeed! We have given the 356 what it always needed: A small V8 high-power engine. And much more.
  550 V8 - The Giant Killer
Our 550 with its small V8 high-power engine is a reinterpretation of the model 550 and the 550 based model 718 RS 61.
  Boxster GT
With the Boxster GT we created a new interpretation of this sports car by implating a V8 heart.
  Boxster BB
Triple B - Boxster BB - Bold Beauty Beast™
  Cayman GT
The Cayman GT is our new V8-based intepretation of this sports car.
  Cayman BB
With the Cayman BB the creation of astonishing high performant super sports car continues.
  Cayman C4, C6, and C8
With the Cayman C4, C6, and C8 we have taken an impressive new design direction based on the factory model following the classic design of GTs.
  911 V8 - The 911
The wish was clear: Create the ultimative 911 based street rocket. And doubtlessly, we achieved easily to finalize this mission with the 911 V8, The 911. Lighter - Stronger - Faster
  911 BB
Like as we, the Style and Speed Competence™, showed it so many times before, we made with this conversion out of the Porsche 911 a new Breed of Beauty Beast™.
  918 BB
Unbelievable but true: We from Style and Speed™ have a Porsche 918 Beauty Beast™.
  Panamera BB
Our Panamera BB is the original conversion that shows how the Porsche Panamera can be converted to a pure and uncompromising racing machine.
  Cayenne BB
You know the Porsche Cayenne? Than you don't know the Cayenne BB!
  R8 BB
The R8 BB is the original GT conversion based on the model R8 by Volkswagen→Audi.
The RS8 conversion series is an affort to give the model R8 a new face.
  RS8 GT
The RS8 GT almagates the R8 BB with the RS8 GT for our customers, who can never have enough.
  Gallardo II SuperVeloce - The Original
The Gallardo II SuperVeloce is our intepretation of the Volkswagen→ Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo.
  Gallardo II BB
Our already designed Gallardo II BB should complement the series of conversions of our Gallardo Mark 2 model.
Our Maestro is the most extreme conversion of the Volkswagen→ Audi→Lamborghini Gallardo ever.
  Huracán/Huracan GranTurismo - The Original
The Huracán GranTurismo is our conversion of the model Volkswagen→ Audi→Lamborghini Huracán.
  Huracán/Huracan SuperVeloce - The Original
The Huracán SuperVeloce is the next intepretation of our SV series now based on the Volkswagen→ Audi→Lamborghini Huracán.
  Huracán/Huracan SuperElemento - The Original
The Huracán SuperElemento is a special intepretation of our SE series based on the Volkswagen→ Audi→Lamborghini Huracán now.
  Aventador GT
Our planned Aventador GT is the racy high-performance conversion with many unique features not deliverable by the many backyard mechanics.
  Aventador BB
Like the many conversions of us, we have also a Beauty Beast con- version of the Aventador in two power variants.
  Aventador Jota
The Aventador Jota/SuperVeloce is the masterpiece conversion of our Aventador series that goes beyond the ordinary by following our Jota series of the electrified Murciélago.
  Aventador Dragon
For sure, the original Aventador Dragon comes from us.
  Aventador SuperDrago
The SuperDrago is our conversion that features foundational lines of our legendary original design that led to the basic exterior design of the Aventador, the Gallardo Sesto Elemento, and the SuperElemento.
  Aventador SuperElemento
We called this model SuperElemento, because it unites the models Aventador and Sesto Elemento with the usual special features of us.
  Veyron SuperVélocité
With the Veyron SuperVélocité we proved, that here at Style of Speed limits of super sports cars are newly defined.
The H&M stands for the Le Mans race track sections Hunaudières and Mulsanne, and is also known as the Hunaudières II.
  458 BB
If the Ferrari models 512 BBi, 458 Italia, , and Enzo are combined, then the history of the company unfold in a beautiful brute force for which Ferrari is loved.
  458 GTO
We made a conversion based on the Ferrari models 512 BBi, 458 Italia, and Enzo that brings back emotions of former times, while showing the future evolution at the same time.
If the Ferrari models 458, 512 BBi, Enzo, and 599XX are combined, then the history of the company unfold in a beautiful brute force for which Ferrari is loved.
With this famous conversion of the New Beetle we made it nice and easy.
  Electron C
The Electron is our interpretation of an environmental friendly Porsche Cayman.
  Electron R
The Electron R shows the whole potential of a Porsche Cayman based Electric Super Car™ with Purely Electric™ drivetrain.
  Electron B
The Electron B is our reworked version of the Porsche Boxter that features now a Purely Electric™ Torque Vectoring™ drivetrain, shorter overhangs and much more.
With the 9EE™ we started another range of Porsche based Electric Sports Cars™.
The 9EE™ RSR is a fascinating Electric SuperCar™ for road and race.
  9EE Speedster
We are also offering our 9EE™ as a speedster to give you the extra "Happy day" feeling on top of the uncomparable driving fun.
The Porsche Panamera based Pan has a Pure Electric™ :Drivetrain™. Clear Clean™ power.
  Pan RSR
The High Power Pan RSR is a unique road and track conversion of the Panamera with a widebody exterior design and a Pure Electric™ drivetrain™.
  Pan Speedster
We got all of the open Clear Clean™ and Green™ power.
  Elettoro (Apollo Speed-E) - The Original
The Lamborghini Gallardo based Elettoro™ features a Pure Electric™ quattro® drivetrain™, which gave the Electric Bull its name.
  Elettoro SuperVeloce
The Elettoro SuperVeloce is the combination of our Elettoro™ in the Pure Electric™ version with the SuperVeloce exterior package.
  Elettoro Speedster
The Elettoro Speedster is based on the Elettoro™ and RE™ platform, and was made in the shade for your fun in the sun.
  RA - The Original
The Audi RS5 quattro concept based RA™ has as the RE™ our lead- ing Purely Electric™ :Drivetrain™ that makes it the true e-quattro©.
  RE - The Original
The Audi R8 based RE™ has as its sibling, the Apollo Speed-E™, our leading Purely Electric™ :Drivetrain™ that made the quattro® con- cept ready for the 21st century as the electric quattro©.
The RE RSR™ is based on a redesign of the Audi→RSQ from the movie "I, Robot", which was later taken by Audi for the R8 LMS.
  RE Speedster
With the RE™ Speedster we can make a dream spyder come true.
The RQ is based on the well known Audi RSQ shown in the movie "I, Robot" that we have begun to implement with its 4 ballwheels/ spheres and in this way already introduced a new level of mobilitiy.
The Jota is made for breathtaking performances on the street.
  Jota SuperVeloce
If someone is not convinced about our Hightech Competence™, then we show the Jota SuperVeloce.
  Jota Speedster
Open, strong, style and speed - You know what we mean.
Our Raptor Super Electric Sports car (SES) unites our high-tech electric drivetrains with Italian and U.S.American aesthetics.
  Raptor RSR
The high performance version Raptor RSR with its wider exterior, aerodynamic aids and a special Pure Electric™ drivetrain™ is ready for speeding on road and track.
  Raptor Speedster
Cruising in high style and speed is best done with our Super Electric Speedster (SES) Raptor Speedster.
Style of Speed, Style and Speed, Style with Speed - That's what the E458™ represents.
  E458 RSR
And the next environmental Clean and Green™ Speedhammer hits the road and the track: The E458™ RSR.
  E458 Spider
The E458™ Spider is the barchette version of our E458™.
A Ferrari based Electric SuperCar™? Yes, we did it! And we topped it: The E430™ is the first all-wheel all-electric drive Ferrari ever.
  E430 RSR
The E430 RSR™ as well goes boldly to the edge of sportiness.
  E430 Spider
The open air version of our E430™ is the E430™ Spider.
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