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The Giant Killer

Do you have a Giant Killer? For sure, we do! With the amazing 550 V8 we have combined the philosophies of the Porsche models:

  • 356,
  • 550, and
  • 718, especially the RS 61 with V8 engine,

    with our models:

  • 356 V8, the Outlaw,
  • Electron B, and
  • Cayman GT and Boxster GT

    for creating a pure driving machine that redefines the pure fun™ in a totally new way.

    As usual, we offer all exterior parts made out of Pure Carbon™ and our Carbon Hemp™, as well as the rear and side windows made out of polycarbonate, besides further lightweight components like the racing headlights.

    Carbon Hemp™ is also used for the fabricating of the interior parts as an option.

    For the drivetrain we have chosen a 2.8 to 3.0-liter 75° 32 valve V8 engine based on two engines of the Hayabusa motorcycle by the manufacturer Suzuki coupled to one of our Active Transmissions™ featuring a 6 speed sequential race gearbox with an adjustable lim- ited slip differential that is mounted transversely, a high-performance titanium exhaust system, as well as an optional carbon-carbon or ceramic composite brake system.


    Porsche 550 Spyder ∧ Porsche 718 ∧ Audi TT clubsport quattro → SOS 550 V8 - Giant Killer Pure Spyder (Image by Audi)
    Porsche 550 Spyder ∧ Porsche 718 ∧ Audi TT clubsport quattro → SOS 550 V8 - Giant Killer Pure Spyder (Image by Audi)
    Porsche 550 ∧ Porsche 718 ∧ Porsche Boxster → SOS 550 V8 Giant Killer Spyder
    Porsche 550 ∧ Porsche 718 ∧ Porsche Boxster ∧ SOS Raptor → SOS 550 V8 Giant Killer
    Suzuki Hayabusa engine based 3.0-liter V8 Transversely-mounted Engine with 6 Speed Sequential GearboxSuzuki Hayabusa engine based 2.8-liter V8 Twin-Turbo Engine by Holeshot Racing


  • Design exterior: Foundational design by Porsche and Audi, and rework by Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Style of Speed
  • Drivetrain: Bioethanol and biogas, as well as synthetic and classic fuels combustion engine with optional energy regeneration systems
  • Power: Starting at 400 hp to 550 hp naturally aspirated, and 600 hp to 1000 hp with forced induction, 11,000 rpm to 13,000 rpm
  • Weight: 999 kg with all lightweight construction options
  • Power to weight ratio: 1.665 kg/hp with 600 hp to 0.999 kg/hp with 1000 hp
  • Wheelbase: 2415 mm
  • Track front: Not specified
  • Track rear: Not specified
  • Length: 4005 mm
  • Width: 1851 mm
  • Wheels front: 8J x 19 235/35 ZR 19 over 8.5J x 19 235/35 ZR 19 to 9J x 20 245/30 ZR 20
  • Wheels rear: 10.5J x 19 265/30 ZR 19 over 11J x 19 295/30 ZR 19 to 11.5J x 20 305/25 ZR 20
  • Seats: 2
  • Active component™: OntoLinux
  • Active component™ options: Active Suspension, Active Trac™, Active Transmission™, Active Shift™, Active Wing™, Active Diff- usor™, Active Light™ and Active Interior
  • Energy recovery options: Brake Energy Recovery System, Stroet- mann-Compressor™ and Regenerative Catalysator
  • Performance options: Turbocharger, Supercharger, Compound Forced Induction Architectures™ and Anti-Lag System, as well as special Push rod Suspension, Race Accumulator, Bucket Seats, Steering Wheels and Pure Carbon™ Rims

    Exterior Versions
    We are offering the Giant Killer in the three versions:

  • Pure Spyder,
  • Spyder and
  • Coupé.

    Fun to Drive™

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