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Pan™ Speedster

The Speedster version of our Pan is our first Electric Sports Cabrio™ with 4 or in the shorter version with 2+2 seats configuration.

Panamera → Pan Speedster
Panamera → Pan Speedster
Panamera → Pan Speedster


  • Design exterior: Foundational design by Porsche with overwork by Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Porsche with customizing options by Style of Speed
  • Drivetrain: Purely Electric™ with Energy Regeneration System and Quickcharger™ technology with optional irail™ wireless charging system
  • Power: Starting at 184 kW/247 bhp/250 PS over 368 kW/493 bhp/ 500 PS to much more
  • Weight: 1730 kg
  • Wheelbase: 2700 mm or 2900 mm
  • Length: 4770 mm or 4.970 mm
  • Width: 1.931 mm
  • Seats: 2+2 or 4
  • Active component™: OntoLinux™, Active Motor™, Active Differen- tial™, Active Light™ and Active Interior
  • Active component™ options: Active Suspension, Active Trac™, Active Wing™ and Active Diffusor
  • Performance option: Push rod suspension
  • Supplement option: Solar Fabrics™ soft top

    The car is also available in the closed version Pan™ and as our upcoming Speed Pan Pan RSR.

    Power Pan for Power People

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