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Vehicles, robotics, and related advanced control systems have always been a field of interest for us. Said this, it is not a surprise at all that we can offer related hightech solutions that go beyond the ordinary by far.

Style of Speed also is in the position to enhance the abilities of the owner and driver, but also the used vehicles themselves significant- ly. The Interior Robots and the Flying Robots are only two classes of inventions with which we again set hightech trends.

The Knight Intelligent Transport Totality (K.I.T.T.) is not the newest invention, but we from Style of Speed seem to be the first, who took a serious approach on its realization that is based on our Active Components and our Autobrain.
The Knight Auto-cybernetic Roving Robotics (K.A.R.R.) platform based on many technologies of us, like cognitive agent and safety systems, as well as robotic technologies, has become the third generation of the platform of autonomous surface vehicles just right from the start.
Based on our leading distributed computing architecture and artificial intelligence frameworks we developed the Style of Speed Swarming Intelligence System (SIS).
  Interior Robot
Interior Robot™ is a new class of hightech supplements for hightech rides.
  Exterior Robot Flying Robot
Flyingscopes and FlyingLANs are flying robots that enhance the abili- ty to navigate, explore, and control the environment while being on a wild ride or special mission.
Robotics does not mean the integration of this technology into veh- icles only, but also into the vehicle's environment and the mobility's infrastructure. For example, with our iarm™ we have created an intelligent Reenergizing System™ for the refueling and (re-)charging of energy storages of modern vehicles.
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